“One mimosa, two mimosa, three mimosa brunch!”

The Blue Toque Gastro Diner located in the historic Arts Station in beautiful Fernie BC.

“Good eats and a cup of joe!”

Join us for a mimosa flight or caesar while enjoying our cross cultural cuisine. We offer an extensive menu to satisfy diners from omnivore to plant based diets. World flavours and re-imagined classic brunch favorites made fresh to order.

Need a caffeine pick me up? Our house blend drip coffee is organic, fair trade and locally roasted.. Enjoy an Americano or latte prepared by a barista on our vintage Elektra. Our bar opens at nine am where we pour thirteen varieties of mimosas and a seasonal craft cocktail menu.

“People who love to eat are always the best people”-Julia Child



Aleppo chillies- A chilli indigenous to the Middle East, similar in heat to cayenne.

Asian 5 Spice- Ours has a few more than 5… A blend of coriander, cumin, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, star anise.

Capicolla- Italian, cayenne crusted, cured and dried pork tenderloin-may contain gluten.

Cashew scallion crème- A vegan sauce made of aqua faba mayo (from white beans or chickpeas), cashews and scallions.                                                                                                        

Cashew almond hollandaise- A vegan version of hollandaise with lemon, mustard and tarragon.

Chaga- An apoptogen medicinal mushroom from northern Ontario that grows on birch trees.

Compote- A cooked sauce that we use as jam. Our blend: raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, mango, peach and sour cherry.

Dukkah- Hazelnut, almond and sesame course spice blend.

Harrisa- North African inspired paste of spicy peppers and spices.

Jackfruit- A young green fruit native to Sri Lanka that tastes very much like pulled pork when braised.

Nuoc Cham- Vietnamese inspired dipping sauce; fish sauce, lime, carrots, garlic and chillies.

Provolone- A mild Italian cheese, similar to medium cheddar.

Romesco- A Spanish inspired sauce made from red peppers, roasted jalapeño, tomato chutney and almonds.

Tomato Chutney- Slow roasted tomatoes with cumin, basil, onion and cilantro.

Our Eco Practices

Ingredient sourcing can be a challenge in the Elk Valley. At the Blue Toque we are always striving to balance cost, ethical responsibility and local sourcing. Here’s a few things you may want to know.

Cranbrook’s Kootenay Roasting Company is our coffee supplier. It’s a family owned/operated coffee importer and roaster. Our signature blend is fair trade and organic.                                                                                                                       

Our eggs come from the closest provincially inspected farm that can provide for our volume, travelling less than 120 km to get here. Most commercially available eggs in the valley are produced through farms located near Edmonton or Lethbridge. These eggs are then shipped to Calgary for Fernie distribution. They will travel 600 km before they arrive in the Elk Valley.

Turkey and pork have a much lower carbon footprint than beef or lamb. We made the decision to phase high carbon producing meats from our regular menu.

It has become a food industry standard to add soy to increase protein percentages, salt and seasoning to act as moisture retainers and preservatives. We use natural turkey. That means no added salt, seasoning/MSG or soy protien.                                                     

Plant based dishes create lower carbon footprints. We have added even more of these items to our regular menu. We use GMO free tofu.                                           

Our smoked salmon is Nanuk wild caught Pacific naturally smoked salmon.                          

Our sausages come from Spolumbos. A small family operation in Calgary producing an exceptional quality product.  No fillers, binders, preservatives or gluten. Deliciously simple; meat plus spices.                                                                                                                    

House made pulled turkey/pork/duck/jackfruit, 4-pepper salsa, tomato chutney, fruit compote, Ramesco, harissa, cheese and chipotle sauces, cashew-almond hollandaise, scallion creme and vinaigrettes. By creating real food not only do we offer a great tasting product to the consumer, we can control the nutritional value and waste created by these items.                                                                                                     

You will receive one piece of toast with your order. We will happily provide you with more at no charge.

On a regular basis we assess our portion sizes paying particular attention to how much is being thrown out, this has led us to pare back on some items. Wasted food in landfills is one of the main sources of greenhouse. gases.                                                                     

We pickle, dehydrate and freeze ripe excess produce and herbs. Our goal is to never throw out edible pre-customer product.                                                                     

We are part of grassroots efforts to reduce landfill food waste; Fernie Food Share, in the summer partnering with Valley Vitals for composting and during the fall/winter partnering with a local gardener who takes our compostable refuse

.We recycle, reduce and reuse. This concept has been embraced in our day to day operations, here are a few examples: no single serving disposable condiments, no ice or straws in your drinking water, no single serve plastic bottled water, no plastic disposable sour cream ramekins.

Our take away containers and trash bags are compostable.                                            

To offset our carbon waste beginning May 2016 we purchase 25 trees per month through Tree-Canada as part of their national greening program.


Current art on display; Patrick Markle, Brina Schenk via Annex Collections & Annex Suspended


Location & Hours

601 1 Avenue Fernie BC V0B 1M0

Kitchen hours: Thursday thru Monday 9-2:30

Closed Tuesday, Wednesday and all statutory holidays.


Allergy Policy

In our sincerest effort to accommodate all our guests we have assessed our operations and have determined that we have limitations in serving meals for guests with serious allergies. The Blue Toque kitchen is very small, we are unable to have dedicated storage, prep areas, cooking equipment or cooks to accommodate allergen-free dining. All menu items may contain trace amounts of allergens, including but not limited to; tree nuts, sesame seeds, mustard, flour, dairy, soy, fish, shell fish, legumes, pea protein, mushrooms and egg products. Standard menu items follow a strict no alterations policy. Please inform your server prior to ordering if you have allergies or intolerances. Guests with serious allergies must speak with a manager prior to ordering.  We reserve the right to decline preparing certain dishes due to allergy concerns (tree nuts and wheat flour are especially problematic at all times). Items described as gluten free or dairy free are “lifestyle” food choice terms and in no way imply allergy safe, celiac safe or cross contact free. No guarantees of allergen-free or cross contact-free can be made. The Blue Toque Diner Ltd. assumes no liability as a result of food related reactions.